YO! [Social] SUSHI

The advent of social media has created a new plane of possibilities in the digital marketing space. Advertising used to be one-dimensional. A brand would simply deliver its message to its audience using a billboard, TV ad or radio spot. Today’s consumers require ‘interaction’. A successful communication strategy allows its users to be a part of a brand experience.

Social media is a vehicle that enables this experience. ‘Word of mouth’ will always be the most powerful form of promotion. Customers are 80% more likely to try a product if it’s recommend by a friend (see bullet point 4). A brand’s social media presence drives acquisition, and develops the public’s perception of its product.

Fun in the fish biz: The Yo! Sushi conveyor belt

One brand that is harnessing the power of ‘new media’ is Yo! Sushi The rotating rock & rollers of the raw fish trade aren’t afraid to apply innovative thinking to their social media strategy. So, how is the brand leveraging social media to drive awareness?

Let’s take a look at their UK Facebook page. It hosts 104,000 fans…and counting! Any analyst will tell you that Fan Growth Rate (weekly, monthly), is a notable KPI in a social media strategy. Yo! Sushi is doing something right if they keep attracting more friends to its FB page.

Secondly, the company knows its audience. This is the marketeer’s cardinal rule. Yo! Sushi delivers content that is RELEVANT, ENGAGING and SHAREABLE. This takes three forms:


Yo! Sushi knows that its target audience is males & females aged between 17-30. Its consumers are creative, hard working and enjoy a fun time. This is reflected in the brand’s Tone of Voice. For example:


Photographic material generates the highest level of engagement across all social platforms. Here’s a great example:


Competitions are a powerful weapon in the advertiser’s arsenal. When executed correctly, they create important assets for the brand, e.g. an increased number of followers. The customer stands the chance of winning a prize that caters to their interests too, like a holiday to Japan. The key here is mutual benefit.

To conclude, Yo! Sushi is at the forefront of social media marketing. The company is sensitive to the changing interests of its audience. Using numerical, and qualitative insights, Yo! Sushi is driving acquisition by converting regular customers into brand advocates. By delivering content that is fun and shareable, the organisation is providing a brand experience that users want to tell their friends about.

What brands do you think are having the biggest impact in the social media marketplace? Share your thoughts by commenting below, and spreading this post.


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  1. Jackie at Shook
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 13:58:54

    These are some great ideas for using social media as a key marketing strategy. I checked out their Facebook page and the posts are very captivating with their audience. I agree with their social media strategies. Here at Shook, we are beginning to make a similar approach with our services. We created a blog to personally connect users with the products the are selling. We want to be relevant, engaging, and shareable just like Yo! Sushi.

    Check out our website at http://www.shook.co
    And our blog at http://www.blog.shook.co


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